Folding chairs

Discover our folding chairs

Do you need folding chairs for your business? Universal Chairs has an impressive inventory of folding chairs. Our products are light and practical. They can easily be moved or stored away in a snap. Get folding chairs made from high-quality, resistant materials. Our products give you the ability to host as many guests as you want while organizing the space available ergonomically. Your can now make sure your guests will attend your event sitting comfortably and with ample space. Our products are robust and offer unsurpassed stability and comfort.

Fold, store and transport!

With Universal Chairs, it’s never been easier to organise an event with 100, 200 or even 500 seats. Simply fold the chairs and they are ready to be transported anywhere. Our products have been designed with quick and easy installation in mind, so that you can prepare your venue or hall for all kinds of events: receptions, meetings, conferences, shows, etc. while saving time and maximizing your space. You can also save a lot by purchasing folding chairs in large quantities. Find the chair model to meet your needs. Ask about our products and promotions today!

What about comfort?

Whoever says that a folding chair should be associated with discomfort? We have designed comfortable, easy-to-carry chairs to make your daily life easier. By purchasing Universal Chairs products, you have the ability to install multiple seats at any of your events. Your guests will always be seated comfortably and have optimal support throughout the entire event. Easily organize, install and store your folding chairs with our convenient, versatile and high quality products. Never compromise on comfort when it comes to your clients or your guests. Ask our experts for advice!