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With our stacking chairs, you’ll never have to worry about any lack of space. You can stack up to 14 chairs at a time. Our products can be stored or moved with ease so you can save huge amounts of space. And that’s not all, they are even easier and simpler to transport when combined with a Universal Chair cart. You can easily arrange and store these chairs before and after an event. Your guests will enjoy their evening in comfort with ample seating and you’ll be able to clear the room by storing the chairs quickly and efficiently after the reception.

Save time and space, choose Universal Chairs stacking chairs.

Why choose stacking chairs?

By choosing Universal Chairs stacking chairs, you are opting for an economical, durable and practical solution. Our products are known for their maximum comfort and space efficiency. The arrangement of chairs becomes simplified and adds a unique style to your space. Storage also becomes quick and easy. Universal Chairs stacking chairs have been built using superior materials. So they are designed to last a long time and support up to 500 lbs.

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