Chair dolly

Discover our chairs dollies

For safe and efficient transport

Our stackable chair carts provide extra security for everyone who uses them. These carts are used to stack and move chairs easily and efficiently, reducing the risk of incidents. Universal Chairs carts have been designed and manufactured to facilitate the storage and the setup of your space. You can easily install the chairs before your event and store them away quickly afterwards. Ideal for business meetings, conferences, banquets or gatherings.

Stack and move!

Save time by stacking and moving our products quickly. First, stack the chairs on one of the Universal Chairs carts and roll them to the desired location. It’s as easy to say, as it is to do! Gather the chairs together by stacking them one on top of the other and move the trolley safely to store it. You can effectively maximize the space you have in addition to being able to clean the room without being restricted by any obstacles.