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Fancy a drink at the bar?

What better way to share a drink with friends? Maybe it’s enjoying your favourite cocktail comfortably seated on a stylish bar stool or bench! Universal Chairs is the perfect choice for restaurant and bar owners looking for superior quality products at very affordable prices. Our bar benches are made from the highest quality materials in the industry. They are solid and come in many varied styles. Our selection of different models of stools has something for every taste. These stools will harmonize perfectly with the ambience and decor of your establishment.

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Why bar stools ?

Being installed near the bar or counter, bar stools and benches are designed for social interactions. Get closer to your customers and offer them the best service possible. A clientele that is comfortably seated is more willing to order food and drinks from your menu. Universal Chairs bar stools and benches are designed to bring comfort and ease to all your guests. Our products are both stylish and durable allowing your customers to enjoy their evening and have a good time at counter height at your establishment. In addition, our stools come in wonderful varying styles to perfectly suit your bar’s inviting decor and give it that personal touch. Get the best bar benches, designed and manufactured to give your establishment that unique and inviting look.